About Us

I am a  mum to five children ages 4 years to 15 years, my eldest son has special needs & I write about our life, the ups the downs and the achievements  I love photography, baking & spending as much time with my children. I love to share my opinions on products especially if I think it is amazing, over the years I have bought many wonderful products that I think are worth there weight in gold.

My family
Daddy2five loves gaming
C age 15 loves hair and beauty, she hopes to attend college next year to study hairdressing. She loves technology, arts and fashion. She can often be found attached to her tablet watching hair and beauty tutorials on Youtube.
Big T age 14 is disabled but able bodied. He loves superheroes, bugs, his scooter and anything that can spin or be taken apart. He loves to watch helicopters.
M age 11 loves music, make up and the great outdoors. She is on the cross country team and loves being active. She is a member of her local Girl Guides and is looking forward to travelling to Switzerland with them.
Little T age 8 loves gaming like his dad, he loves experiments, history, superheroes and photography. He watches many gaming tutorials and his dream is to own a gaming pc when he is older. Little T is a member of our local Beavers and loves going on adventures with the Scouts.
Little Lady age 4 is a massive fan of collecting sets of things, she loves everything girly, her favourite colour is hot pink. She loves to draw & read books. She hates school and would much rather be home cuddling mummy. 

Myself I love photography, baking and being with animals. I am studying animal management and I can often be found taking care of my animals at home. We have 2 cats, 6 chickens and 5 guinea pigs.


  1. i cant believe how cute your kids are! so lovely to meet another mummy blogger with 5 kids,like you i have 2 boys and 3 girls aged between 15 months-12 years. my 5 year old son is autistic with very lax ligaments and my 15 month old son is showing signs so is being kept an eye on.will keep an eye on your posts feel free to visit me over at http://mywonderfulmadhouse.blogspot.co.uk/


    1. Thank you for your kind words, I have come across a few parents of 5 now & it is great, I love having a big family but definitely no more for me. I have visited your blog a few times :)

  2. Lovely to find another mum of five also living with special needs, I have followed your blog :)

  3. Thank you Mama Owl, it is nice meeting other parents with special needs children as you realise you are not alone, lovely to meet you :)

  4. I came across this site by accident after googling 'Asda Queensferry'.

    I build websites for a living, and through my experience have learnt how to be cautionary with pictures online. Anyone of your child pics could be copied and pasted on other sites, ranging from peadophilia sites to some other sites of danger.

    If I was you I would seriously look into or google 'How to watermark a picture'. Basically a wattermark will be a seethrough mark, in which you could write 'Owned by Mummy2five.com' Make sure the watermark is in the centre of the pic, that way no one can delete the watermark off the pics and if used elsewhere, someone will see the watermark and hopefully report it back to you.

    But on a whole, you are playing a dangerous game by having pics of kids online.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you for your concern.