Friday, 28 October 2016

Teen Girls Bedroom Makeover

When we first moved here five years ago everything was done quickly and on a tight budget. Not much thought was put into decorating and we chose what we thought the girls would like. So for the last five years they have lived with cream and pink stripes that apparently they hated. They also didn't really have any kind of organisation to their room. They are both typical teens that can create a huge mess looking for one item. I had grown sick of telling them to tidy their room and put things in proper places but that was the problem. They had no proper place to store all of their things. Make up everywhere, straightners left on the side, hair bobbles and bobby pins in every crevice. It was only going to get worse too since my eldest started her hairdressing course at college. So a change in their room was needed.

I knew in my head what I wanted, the girls did too. My only contribution that was used was a decent dressing table and shelving unit to sit at put on their make up and do their hair(60 times a day). I love the shabby chic look, the girls also share my taste so I trawled through the internet looking for furniture ideas. Then that is when I stumbled across a beautiful dressing table that was grey and white. It also came with a hefty price tag. My search continued and I found Annie Sloan chalk paint. This paint has had my creative brain working in overdrive and my husband wanting to hide and dreading the words "look at this".

I set about my search for a dressing table that needed some tlc. It was about 3 months later that I found a solid pine dressing table on a local selling site for £20, that same week I found a mirror and I dragged some old pine, plate shelves out of storage. Preparing them was easy, you don't need to sand with chalk paint. Painting them was a little trickier since the weather had turned. I protected paint with a water based varnish which finished them off nicely.

I gathered wallpaper ideas from the girls and went with one they both could agree on which was a duck egg owl print. I thought it would be too much of the same thing but it really does look beautiful on the wall. The girls loved it which was good as I was not about to change it.

grey bunk beds, cheap bunk bedsIt was at this point that my bedroom make over went slightly down hill or should I say costly. When I was moving their bunk beds to paint behind I noticed that they had a very bad wobble to them that didn't disappear when I tightened all of the bolts. So once again I took to the internet in search of bunk beds that wouldn't break the bank. I found a site called Mattress Man. They had beautiful grey bunk beds and were a bargain at £209 with free next day delivery. I ordered them and true to their delivery terms they arrived the next day. Unfortunately there was a small crack in one of the upper rails which made me regret buying cheaply momentarily. However, I can not fault their customer service. I emailed them and had a quick reply and a phone call. They also sent out a replacement part the next day. I dread buying online as I have dealt with so many companies that fob you off once they have your money but I can honestly say that is not the case with Mattress Man.
I think the beds finish off the room nicely and look nice with the decor.
Annie Sloan Paris grey Paint
The last few items to go in were the dressing table, mirror and shelves. All that is left to do is find them a nice duck egg rug, a dressing table stool or maybe I could paint a Tripp Trapp again and then new wardrobes.  I have two wardrobes from Mattress Man on my wish list for their room but those can wait till after Christmas just don't tell my husband.

Both of the girls love their room. They have already made great use of the dressing table and I hope that they actually keep it tidy. Otherwise I am shipping them out and moving in myself.

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