Saturday, 1 October 2016

Storage solutions and space savers for tiny kitchens

Recently we had our kitchen and bathroom renovated. The dust and the mayhem that went with it was not pleasant at all. It was a month of tripping over clutter, workmen and each other as we tried to manage the best we could with the heart of the home not being accessible. But now the dust has cleared and the kitchen is transformed. I am happily filling it with pretty, yet useful things. We are a large family with a tiny kitchen so making use of all of the space available is a must.
I kindly had a few products sent to me. Firstly I was sent the Forminimal Utensils/ Knife Holder and Board from Red Candy. This handy utensils holder sits perfectly in the corner on top of your work surface and holds everything you need to prepare a meal. We store our knives in the side with the carbonised bamboo sticks. We bought all of our knives separately so never had a holder for them which meant we would be searching through the drawers for the knife we wanted. Now we can see which one we want and grab it with ease.
 In the centre of the utensils holder is the integrated bamboo cutting board. Now the board is on the small side, yet it is large enough for what we use it for. It has had lots of use on a daily basis and still looks like new. My only recommendation is to not leave it to soak in water as it is made from bamboo. To the front of the utensils holder is a large enough space to hold all of your cooking utensils. Despite it being compact we really do manage to store a lot of utensils neatly that once cluttered our drawers. It blends in with my kitchen perfectly and I think it is worth the £40 price tag. 

I was also sent a selection of OXO's Cereal Dispensers. Prior to us receiving these we had one full cupboard that was designated to just cereal alone. Again being a large family of seven with different tastes I had boxes of cereal all squashed into one cupboard. Some half full, some on the occasion empty as the teens have not yet discovered where the recycling bags are. Sometimes I had two boxes of the same cereal open at the same time. These cereal dispensers have made our mornings a little easier. They are available in three different sizes and we received a selection of all three. The 4.2L dispenser can easily hold two boxes of cereal. The 3.2L and 2.3L dispensers can both hold one standard size box.
All of the dispensers have airtight seals that have one handed opening and closing. There is a contoured grip on each of the transparent dispensers which helps you to grab them out of the cupboard and hold securely with one hand whilst pouring the cereal into the bowl. Every part of them can be easily cleaned with instructions on the packaging to show you how to refit the seals after cleaning, but to be honest it is a really simple task. I love these cereal dispensers and would not hesitate to buy more. All of our cereal is fresh, the children can see which cereals we have available and I can see which cereal we are running low on. The prices start from £14 which I do think are worth it as the space we have saved and money saved due to not having to throw out cereal that has lost its freshness.

Both of these products are a great addition to any kitchen but are excellent for those like me that have a really small kitchen.

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