Thursday, 13 October 2016

Paint Your Own Fairy Door

Being a Fairy Taler for The Irish Fairy Door Company brings us lots of little fairy treats which my children adore. I think one of my youngest daughters favourite has to be the Paint Your Own Fairy Door. I think it would make a fantastic present for any child this Christmas. It helps to bring the magic alive through imaginative play. 

Little lady set about painting her door as soon as she laid her eyes on it. She refused help and wanted to do it all by herself. Well that was until her purple smudged onto her pink and asked for "just a tiny bit of help and that is it, don't do anything extra mummy" were her words. For just £24.99 in this set you get the door, paints, paintbrush, felt tip pens, a selection of decorations, and as with every door the magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family / Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide. Little lady decided she wanted this fairy door to be in her bedroom as the other fairies live in the garden. No sooner had it dried she was off up the stairs to find the perfect location in her bedroom. We had some Fairy Rainbow wall stickers left over so decorated her chosen area in her bedroom. She then named her fairy and wrote her a cute little note. 

Now our fairy is a genius. She replied on a few occasions telling her to be good and kind but has since decided that she can not come out to leave a note until her bedroom is tidy. This has got little lady tidying her room. Nothing has ever worked previously to get her to put her toys away and keep her room in a relatively clean state. The fairy magic has worked, see like I said our fairy is a genius.
I plan to utilise the door and its fairy magic on the countdown to Christmas. I am certain there will be plenty of fairy accessories on her Christmas list this year.

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