Saturday, 25 June 2016

Fairy Mountain with the Irish Fairy Door Company

Turn right at the butterfly house, through the gate. Move carefully forward five meters past the prowling cats and you will step into the magical world of fairy mountain. Up on fairy mountain two old trees provide the fairies of fairy mountain wonderful homes. Three homes in all but the residents stay hidden. Only when the garden falls silent do the fairies come out to play and tend to their garden.
We had previously told you about the colourful doors that the Irish Fairy Door Company provided our fairies with. Now I must show you the cute accessories that have been delivered to fairy mountain.
The Irish Fairy Door Company sent our fairies a garden set, a fairy treats plate, two packs of decal wall stickers and their fairy force book.
In the garden set they got a new wooden bench so they can rest and soak in the morning sun, a rake to tend to their gardens, a watering can so they can water their plants and a little flower to place on their table when they enjoy afternoon tea. They also received a fairy treat plate so we can put out delicious fairy treats for them. I can't speak for the fairies but I know my children adore the cute accessories from the Irish Fairy Door Company. Their imaginative play really does come alive when they play on fairy mountain. The accessories have been well played with endured all weather and still look great.
As our fairies live outdoors we have not had chance to use the decals just yet. Little lady has read through the Fairy Force book with me and enjoys the story of how Ben's bad dreams are kept away with the help of the fairies.

If you want to create your own magical fairy garden we all at mummy2five highly recommends The Irish Fairy Door Company for all that your fairy garden needs.