Thursday, 14 April 2016

To my beautiful daughter, I know your heart is breaking

Today you reached breaking point, 
today you broke down and I was not there for you.
Dad was though and I am pleased he was,
he will protect you and have your back.

School has been a struggle for years, 
we've always known that, we were prepared for that.
What we were not prepared for was the bullying,
for 3 years it has gone on, all from the same boy!

A boy, since when did boys bully girls, 
for years you have tried to hold your head high.
Been told by the teachers time and time again, 
it's just banter! Banter it is not.
I wish you would have told us how scared you were earlier, 
instead of keeping it in.
It is our job to protect you, make you feel safe, 
It is our job to ensure you are happy.

Now we know the full story we will, 
this I promise you.
I will not stop until you feel safe, 
until he is reprimanded.

Things will get better, I promise you that, 
Tomorrow we will get answers.
We will not stop until you feel safe at school, 
We will protect you.

The sad thing is you've decided not to attend prom, 
prom that you have been talking about for years.
The dress, the hair, the nails, 
how you will travel there.

We sat and we hugged and we cried together, 
we will do something special.
I don't know what and I know it will not make up for missing prom, 
but I know that you will feel safe.

I know that we will make it special, 
I know that your memories of it will be happy.
I sit here now writing this and my heart breaks for you, 
you should not be made to feel this way.

You're beautiful, you're funny, 
you're brilliant at creating great hair styles.
Far better than me,
you have your future at your feet.

To my beautiful 16 year old first born, 
I love you and that will never end.
I will fight your corner, 
that will always be the case.

I can not make up for missing prom, 
I can not promise that it will be as flash as prom would have been.
But I do promise that happy memories will be made, 
you will get a new dress and you will be with people who love you.