Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Irish Fairy Door Company

We have recently been spending a lot of time in the garden trying to make it child friendly. We have laid a new lawn and created beautiful flower beds but we were stuck on what to do with the two huge tree stumps in the garden. To take them out would have taken more energy than I had left in me. I spent a lot of time just staring at them, hoping that inspiration would come my way. I came across a beautiful fairy garden on pinterest and knew that the stumps would make a fabulous fairy garden. I started to make some fairy doors and looked on the internet for ideas. That is when I came across The Irish Fairy Door Company


I was thrilled when they offered to send us one of their kits. In the beautiful presented box you get a door, 3 stepping stones, a key, a lease agreement to be signed by both the fairy and the new owners and a fairy welcome guide. You can also register your fairy online once they have moved in.


We chose the beautiful red arched door and found the perfect spot. We began decorating the area with the stepping stones and added the key. I made a spiral key holder out of copper wire so the fairies could find the key a little easier. I must admit it looked far prettier than my home made doors, the children all loved it too. 

The key to the door

The next morning the key had gone which meant a fairy had moved in. We found the lease agreement signed and all that was left for us to do is sign it ourselves and register our fairy. The children were very excited to see the lease signed and the key gone, they always spend time around the fairy garden when they play in the garden, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fairies

The door stands at approximately 12 cm in height so it is perfectly proportioned.  The full kit cost just £19.99 which we think is quite a bargain as the quality is fantastic. The Irish Fairy Door Company recommend that you varnish the door twice a year to keep the colours vibrant.  At first I was a little worried that the door would not weather well as the majority place the doors inside of their homes. I can honestly say it has survived all weather conditions and still looks as great as the day we placed it outside, the same can not be said for my home made doors! 

I love that it allows a child to use their imagination. It would make a fabulous gift for Christmas or birthdays. 

Lit up at night time

I am pleased to tell you that our fairy has been living comfortably in the tree stump ever since. She occasionally comes out to dance on the top in the morning sun.

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