Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Keeping Kids Safe Online

As Christmas day is creeping nearer the children are all excited and I am sure many have asked for a gadget that gives them access to the internet. Children who are young even have their own tablets, why? Well they are fantastic educational tools. KidzInMind have created an app that is available on apple and android devices. The app is free to download and gives your child safer access to the internet. You can subscribe to KidzInMind for free for the first 7 days then will be charged just £2.99 a month there after.

So what does the app do?

     AN ‘APP OF APPS’ - Every app within the KidzInMind has been selected and approved to meet strict criteria.
     SAFE AND SECURE - No inappropriate language, no advertising, no hidden payments and a baby safe mode.
     EDUCATIONAL - All apps have been evaluated to ensure that they are engaging, educational and appropriate to the child’s stage of learning.
     TIME ALERT PLAY - Relax in the knowledge that your child is learning within a safe and secure environment. Control the amount of play time your child is allowed with the parental control timer.
     RESTRICT ACTIVITY – Use the parental control feature to specify exactly what your kids can do whilst using the KidzInMind e.g. no internet or other app access.
     APPROVED BY PARENTS – KidzInMind has received the kidSAFE Seal, Mom’s Choice Award and was nominated Best Mobile App for Children and Toddlers in 2014

The KidzInMind app features a selection of apps that have been carefully chosen for preschool kidsaged 2-6 years old that are safe, secure. What I like about them is they are educational. This for me isimportant as it saves me spending a lot of time checking out an educational app for my children, I canrest easy in the knowledge that the apps they have access to will already have been approved.

The key features of KidzInMind are:

     PRE-SCHOOL - KidzInMind is the first digital playground for pre-school children aged 2-6.
     APPROVED - All apps featured are vetted and approved before being added to KidzInMind.
     EXPERTS - KidzInMind has worked closely with experts in paediatrics, nutrition and education to curate a unique selection of the best apps for children.
     EDUCATIONAL - Every app is educational in nature.
     PARENTAL CONTROL - Parents are offered added peace of mind with access to a selection of parental controls including time restricted sessions for kids and the ability to restrict activity to other areas of the device, such as the internet or other apps.
     CHOICE – There are already a selection of more than 40 apps to choose from, with more added each week!
     SAFE AND SECURE - KidzInMind is a safe and secure environment for kids to learn and have fun with no risk of clicking away to inappropriate content or links.
     AD-FREE - Simple - no ads whatsoever.

KidzInMind have really thought of everything on this app, when you access the app, it requests that theuser must complete a mathematical equation before continuing which is great as this then requires aparent to approve it. If you are giving your young child an internet device this Christmas I highlyrecommend that KidzInMind app is the first app you install. £2.99 a month is a small price to pay for thesafety of your child online.


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