Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide for the Pets in Our Lives

Christmas is a special time and many of us include our pets when we are buying gifts for family and friends. Below is the perfect gifts for our fabulous pets. All products are from Rosewood

Guinea Pigs
Regular readers will know we have five beautiful guinea pigs. Over the last few days they have been putting all of their new gifts to the test.

Rosewood Naturals Chill 'N' Snooze Bed

The Rosewood Naturals Chill 'N' Snooze Bed is a big hit with Bertie. I filled it with his favourite hay and he jumped straight in. I use fleece as their substrate, so it helps to keep all of the hay in one place, which makes cleaning much easier. The bed is made out of water hyacinth and rattan, beautifully woven,  best of all it is staple and glue free so should Bertie fancy a nibble on his new bed it will not harm him.

Carrot Cottage
All of our guinea pigs have put these cute edible hides to the test. Bertie got the medium size Carrot Cottage and our sows got a large Carrot Cottage to share. Guinea pigs are prey animals so must have hides to retreat to, to make them feel safe. The medium Carrot Cottage is suitable for a single guinea pig and the larger size could fit my four guinea pigs comfortably. The hides are made of parchment board which is covered in meadow hay and topped with a real carrot roof which is safe to chew. As you can see Bertie has had a nibble on his as have the sows. 

Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food
My guinea pigs love this food. I love that is is 100% natural and compacted into quad-shaped pieces to prevent the guinea pigs selecting their favourite bits. You can rest assured that your guinea pig is receiving a balanced diet. Rosewood say their food is "Grain free and closer to nature with only 100% natural and beneficial ingredients. Contains no cereals, added sugar, GM or salt. 100% vegetarian Made from over 40 meadow grasses, plants, vegetable and beneficial seeds cold pressed to retain nutrients Formed into unique Quad-shaped pieces to stop selective feeding Fibre rich and designed to support tooth abrasion; plus good digestive and overall health". I know pet food isn't a gift but giving your pets a good quality food is the best gift you can give to them.

Cats, cats and more cats
 Now we can not leave out our two cats Barnaby and Shadow.

Yeowww Catnip Toy
Rosewood sent us three of their Yeowww catnip toys: Sour Puss Lemon, Green Fish and Yellow Fish.
I have bought catnip toys for them before and they have shown little interest in them. As soon as I took the Sour Puss Lemon out of its box Shadow went a little crazy for it. I didn't even get time to take the tag off before he pounced. He attacked it in true cat fashion leaving the lemon battered and punctured. The great news is it is still going strong. Barnaby our other cat came in from his little cat adventure and took over the Sour Puss Lemon attack much to Shadow's dismay. I am going to place the fish in their Christmas stockings to keep them entertained for the day and hopefully the fish will help to keep them away from trying to pinch the turkey.

Jolly Moggy Mr Mouse Teaser
Barnaby is the more playful of the two and loves a game of chase the mouse. My youngest daughter loves to keep Barnaby entertained by walking around our home trailing Mr Mouse behind her, closely followed by a stalking Barnaby. Mr Mouse is filled with catnip too so it is sure to be a welcomed treat once he finally catches the mouse. The cats at a cat rescue I volunteered at loved these kind of toys, young or old you could guarantee that the predator instincts would kick in, ready to catch whatever is on the end of the elastic.

Silvervine Seagrass Animal
The Rosewood Silvervine Seagrass Animal is made from natural seagrass that my cats love to scratch at. Inside the seagrass tunnel is a large cat toy that is stuffed with silverline which is a natural attractant. It brings out the playfulness in a cat in a similar way to catnip. Barnaby is quite a good hunter and set to work straight away trying to kill the toy. The effects of silverline can last anything between 5-20 minutes so it helps to give the less athletic cats a workout. Shadow carries a little extra weight thanks to his dog like bin raids so this is the perfect gift for him.

We love all of Rosewood's products, we have bought them in the past and will continue to buy them. So whether you have a big or small budget you will find a product that your pet will enjoy.

Next on my guinea pig shopping list is an Options Deluxe Playpen. Our guinea pigs all live in a big shed and we often bring them into the house for human interaction or after a bath so a place to be safe away from the cats is a must. Also summer is only half a year away and I am sure the guinea pigs would love a nibble on our new lawn.

You can buy Rosewood pet products from most major pet supplies and supermarkets.

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