Monday, 23 November 2015

Winter has arrived!

Winter has most definitely arrived in North Wales. This morning the farmers fields glistened, the farm animals all huddled together and birds were all busy trying to find their morning meal. The freezing chill in the air hit me as I went out to tend to the animals. The chickens all looked at me eagerly waiting for their morning scratch but first I had to break the ice on their water drinkers. The once soggy soil crunched under my foot, winter had arrived!

Today I bought extra hay for the guinea pigs to snuggle down in. The guinea pig shed definitely felt colder when I went in to put fresh water in. Bertie being house alone needs a warm fleece hide to snuggle in as he does not benefit from the warmth of the herd. Hopefully the extra hay will keep him snug till I can get some fleece delivered.

Christmas shopping is not something I like doing in the freezing cold. It seems everyone else was feeling the cold. Everyone was wrapped up, nobody strolled slowly as you would during the summer months. Four hours later my toes almost numb I had finished at the last shop. I noticed a homeless man sat on the bare ground outside of the shop. Clutching a sign with the words 'homeless' scribbled in black pen, his possessions in a black bin liner next to him I couldn't help but think how cold he must be, how cold all of the homeless people of Great Britain must be. I rooted around in my pocket for what change I had and gave it to him. Others followed suit and handed him what change they had. I have been thinking of him since returning home. I told my husband about him and he is sceptical, "how did you know he was homeless" he said. The truth is, I don't. In my opinion anyone that didn't have to, would not be sat on a freezing slab of concrete begging in freezing weather. If I can spend £2 on some thermal insoles for myself I can spare some change to a man that looked like he needed it. What struck me was the look I was given by two ladies who sat drinking their hot beverages outside the shop next door. The look was of disapproval. They sat in their warm coats and warm hats and just stared. 
Anybody has the potential to become homeless, nobody is immune. Once you have become homeless the statistics show that is is hard to get back into housing. So next time you see a homeless person check your pocket for change. If you can spare it, do so. Some are not so lucky to have family to turn to on hard times.
This gentleman will be on my mind for some time.

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