Friday, 20 November 2015

Introducing Bertie

We recently bought four guinea pig sows: Creamy Mabel, Cookie, Patch & Lacey who is sometimes named Star as little lady can not make her mind up on her favourite name. Last weekend I saw a post on Chester Exotic Animals facebook page, the post was a plea for new homes for the guinea pigs and rabbits that they had rescued and nursed back to health. I clicked through the album and came across a beautiful image of a guinea pig. I was instantly drawn to him and knew I wanted to give him a home.

His first night in his new home

I quickly asked if he had been homed yet and discovered he was still looking for a home much to my delight. All I had to do was convince Daddy2five that we should give him a home and that he should play chauffeur to go collect him. Thankfully he agreed. I found out that he had been rescued with over 30 other guinea pigs and was in quite a state when he was first rescued. His long fur had to be cut to treat the skin problems he had and he was also under weight. A long road of treatments and love and he was ready for a new home. Guinea pigs like company and preferably should not be housed alone. Sadly he will not tolerate any other boars, not even babies which makes us think he was used to breed. So for now he is housed alone but is able to communicate with the other guinea pigs.
Fast forward almost one week and he has settled in really well. He is inquisitive and active. He loves kale and green peppers but so far has turned his nose up at red peppers. He uses one corner as his bathroom which I can not tell you how much I appreciate and he loves to sleep in his Piggy Snug.

Bertie in his Piggy Snug

When Bertie came to live with us he weighed a tiny 743g and now weighs 760g so he is gaining weight. The lady who rescued him thinks he is a Lunkarya going off his fur before it had to be cut. He has curls around his rear and his belly but I guess time will tell, we will only know once his fur grows. His breed does not matter. What matters is that he is well cared for & will never be neglected again.

I would just like to thank Chester Exotic Animals for rescuing him and nursing him back to health.


  1. Aww he is such a cutie! Love Guinea Pigs :)

    1. I will get them out next time we see you, it was a bit too hectic at Halloween to get them out.