Monday, 2 November 2015

Where did the half term go?

This past week has flown by so quickly. It only seems like yesterday that I had broken up from college, the kids finished school and dark nights arrived. I had intended to catch up on blogging but my free time recently got taken over by The Walking Dead thanks to my husband. "Watch it" he said, "you will like it if you give it a try" he said. Five series later here I am, sitting here wondering where the hell my week off went. Now I have to wait a whole week to find out what happened(I won't give any more details as I hate spoilers). All I know is I have watched 70 episodes in the past week and I now jump at every sound outside. I need to get back into the real world where the only zombie is staring back at me in the mirror when I wake up.

The new additions
I started the week by adding a second tier to our guinea pig shed. We recently got four rather skittish guinea pigs who have cost a fair bit in veterinary bills so far. The kids had a lot of fun naming them, we have: Cookie, Patch, Creamy Mabel and Lacey. They seemed to have come down with mites as soon as we got them so since we got them they have been under treatment which means the kids have all not handled them as much as they would have liked. They have settled in as well as expected so I got to work adding the second tier just in case I ever need to separate them and also to give them extra room in the mean time. So far they have not been brave enough to use it but I am sure they will in time.

We decided to take the kids pumpkin picking, none of us had ever had the pleasure of picking our own pumpkins so it was a first for us all. We also got to go through the maize maze that was decorated with many Halloween props that the kids pretended to be scared of. We lost my husband in the maize or rather he took himself off to hide and jump out on us, his plan worked and we all jumped. We found out way to the centre then managed to get ourselves lost. My children are all a little weird, they love being lost in a maze. They giggle endlessly as they find a dead ends or discover that they are going round in circles. The kids had so much fun hiding in the maize ready to scare their daddy and I found the cutest maize monster I have ever seen. If you ever get the chance to go through a maize maze do it, it was so much fun.

My cute maize monster
Lastly we had a Halloween party for the family. There was lots of food, lots of games and of course lots and lots of sweets. Us adults even put in the effort and wore costumes. I must admit I had loads of fun decorating the house and making the garden look spooky. The kids all proudly displayed their pumpkins as did I. I think this year was the best pumpkin carving I have managed to do, I wonder what next years pumpkin carving will be.

Oh no, not the orange
That sums up my entire week, excluding the usual mum duties. Now the count down to Christmas begins.

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