Saturday, 10 October 2015

Halloween Party Planning

I love Halloween, I love nothing more than decorating the house and garden with spooky props. My mother in law shares my passion, my husband doesn't. My husband just puts up with me at this time of year! This year I have been poorly around my birthday so I have decided to celebrate it with family at Halloween instead. I will get the people I love together and they have to dress for the occasion too.

I have been searching the internet for ideas, mainly pinterest. Last year I made marshmallow pumpkin and Frankenstein monster pops. We made water melon brain with jelly worms which was rather messy to make but looked good. Add to that the pumpkin poo and jelly swamp that the children were a bit scared to eat, we had some great Halloween themed food.

We buried a skeleton in the garden and hid glow stick eyes in the bushes. Inside we had decorations hanging from every spot and spooky music playing.
This year I want to add to my outdoor props. I am going to starch cheesecloth over a foam head and drape cheesecloth from the head to create a ghost. I will hang this near my water feature with a curtain of white lights behind to enhance the ghostly shape. I want a fog/mist maker to put in my water feature so the fog drifts up and through the cheesecloth. I have it all planned in my head. I have no idea what I will do if it rains, please don't rain on Halloween. I would love to do small ghostly shapes dancing around fire but I think my husband already thinks I have lost the plot.

My head is buzzing with ideas at the minute and I have yet to buy one Halloween costume. Gone are the days when a black bin bag, a witches hat and some witch fingers would suffice. We have had a fair few different costumes over the years, I wonder what we will be this year!

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  1. Wow, the monster pops look great and the water melon brain is a super idea too!!

    Our house has been decorated for a week already but if you think that is early then you should know that one of my 5 year old son's friends has had his decorations up since October 1!!

    Have a ball this Halloween. :-)