Friday, 4 September 2015

When did you stop feeling?

This week I am sure many of you have been crushed by the image of a little boy, a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandchild,  washed up on a foreign shore. 
I know I was, my immediate reaction was to look away.
 Erase the image from my mind. 
But it is there, etched there permanently. 
He was not the only little boy that lost his life that day,his brother died too. 
Taken by the sea!


For a life where they can play, laugh & make memories!

I then see on social media many, too many horrible comments.
Comments that would not be made if that little boy washed up on the beach was their son, their nephew, their brother, their grandchild. 

The fact is two little boys lost their lives in a terrible way.
As a mother, I think about those boys last moments, was they scared, I pray that they was not aware of what was going on! Was their mum who would have been their world and they hers aware that her beautiful boys had gone forever. Then I am back to asking why! Why did they feel that risking their most precious boys was worth it. For a safer life, a life where they was free to play without fear! 

Back to social media, many are saying there is no room here, we are already stretched. 
We can not help, I do not care! 
They did not choose to live in the country they do. 
If it was Britain that was like that would you flee?
 I would try my hardest to get my children somewhere safe.

Then I see those who must have a swinging brick as a heart!
"Not my problem, look after our own!"

If a child fell into a public pool would you ask what country they was from before diving in after them?
If a child was lost would you ask what country they was from before helping them?
If you saw a kid fall hard would your spine not get that twinge if they was from a different country?
Just because they do not live here does not mean we should not care or try to help.

We are all human, we can do something, we can also show compassion if there is nothing you personally can do. Have we all lost touch with our feelings towards others? What do they see when they see that picture of little Aylan?

I see a little boy dressed in a red t-shirt, blue shorts and little shoes that his mother had lovingly dressed him in. A little boy who probably thought he was off on an adventure that day. A little boy who was taken far too soon. He is not the only child who has been taken by the sea whilst their desperate parents seek a safer life for them.

Tonight as you tuck all of your children into bed, under warm quilts, in a home that is not under threat, in a country that is far better than many, think about the families that are going through unimaginable terror. 
What must they be feeling to risk theirs and their precious babies lives is incomprehensible to me.
All I know is that they must have felt that they had no other option, no one to save them, no one to turn to.

How many babies are going to be torn out of their parent arms by the sea before we say enough is enough?

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