Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Newquay Zoo

Over the summer when the sun actually came out to play we took a trip to Newquay Zoo whilst we were on holiday. We have visited Cornwall many times but had never visited the zoo before. Upon arrival we found a parking space up on the top car park by the skateboard park. Parking is not free so ensure you have change on you if you are travelling by car. We paid to get in and was offered a free return ticket that was to be used within 7 days. Sadly we didn't get to use this but would have had we been staying on holiday for longer.
As a family we love animals, especially myself, as most of my regular readers will know I hope to work within the zoo industry. This means as a family we love nothing more than a trip to the zoo or safari park and we have had the pleasure of visiting many.
The first enclosure we came to at Newquay zoo was the Squirrel monkey enclosure, my children loved seeing the babies clinging onto the backs of their mums. For me with a love of photography the enclosure was not that photograph friendly with the bars thick and tightly packed it took me longer than usual, but with a bit of strategic positioning and patiently waiting I got a shot I was happy with. 

The lions were all high on their platform relaxing in the morning sun. The Lynx was hiding in the tree, beautifully camouflaged, so much so that my camera refused to get a clear shot. Their enclosure is close to the park so I had my daughter pulling me away to go play on the park. I could have stayed and watched him for much longer but what the children want the children often get. There was one happy outcome, the children all played on the park whilst I tucked into one of the best mint chocolate chip ice creams I have ever had, it was huge and rather delicious. The park is also next to the meerkat and mongoose enclosure so I got to watch them for a while. I love meerkats, they seem so mischievous. I love how you can always spot one on sentry duty, keeping a careful eye on the sky, ready to warn the others of danger. 
My husbands favourite animal is penguins, we always seem to spend a little longer at their enclosure. Their pool was being filled so they were all patiently waiting as the water was pumped in. This allowed me to get some lovely pictures of them. As my husband and children watched them for a little longer I took my youngest daughter to the tapir and capybara enclosure. I was teaching her everything I know about them, she listened and took it all in. I think the more we can educate our children on the animals in the world the more that they will care or even take action to ensure that the animals we have on our planet today are still around for future generations.
After stopping by the otters we entered the maze, all of my children loved trying to find our way out of the maze. I don't know what  it is about mazes but my children always end up in fits of laughter when we come to a dead end, or go around in circles. Thankfully it was only a small maze and we did eventually find our way out. 

All in all we had a great day at Newquay zoo, it is one of the smaller zoos we have visited but there is still plenty to see and do. My daughter particularly enjoyed being able to go in and pet the goats. I liked that the goats had an area that they could go to if they did not feel like being petted. 
We would happily return to the zoo if we find ourselves on holiday in Cornwall again.

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  1. We've been there a few times - it's a really lovely little zoo, I thought. We haven't been for a while though as we can't bear the drive to Cornwall anymore!!