Monday, 24 August 2015

Matalan School Uniform

As many of you know I have five children as the blog name suggest. This year all of my children will be attending school full time. Five lots of uniform to buy can be quite costly but Matalan have a fantastic range of school uniforms all at fantastic prices. I have bought uniforms from Matalan in the past and have always found them to wash great and also endure the daily rough and tumble that my children seem to put them through.

Matalan allowed me to choose items up to £50 and I was surprised at how much I managed to buy with that budget. So what did I buy:

2x short sleeved shirts age 16
2 x short sleeved shirts age 11
Black trousers age 16
Black skater skirt age 11
2x white polo shirt age 5
2 x white polo shirt age 3
2 x pleated grey skirts age 3
Grey jersey trousers age 3
and two packs of school socks

They had plenty of styles to choose from and all the colours you could need. I love that they are stain resistant, easy to iron and don't break the bank. My younger children have quite sensitive skin but the uniforms are soft against their skin and are comfortable to wear. My youngest daughter announced that her school skirt will be good for dancing in so she is rather happy with her new school skirt. How much dancing she thinks she will be doing in school is a different matter.

So when you do uniform shopping or are topping up throughout the year check out Matalan's back to school range. We all give it a massive thumbs up.

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