Monday, 17 August 2015

GCSE Results Day Countdown

As Thursday 20th August 2015 creeps nearer my nerves are growing. This year was the first time I had sat a GCSE exam since 1998. The results that will decide if I get into university next year could not be any more important. It is not only me that is collecting results. My eldest daughter will be collecting some of her results too. Academically she has always struggled, it has never come naturally to her and she has had to work hard to achieve what she has. Her dreams are to become a hairdresser, she is currently studying hair and beauty as one of her subjects so she has taken the first steps. I hope she gets onto the course she would like as she has no interest in anything else. 

It is full of ?????

For myself the studying has been hard, juggling five children, a full time course and retaking Maths and English GCSE was never going to be easy. I am proud that I achieved a Distinction* overall in my course. I just hope that on Thursday when I open that email I will be just as proud. I really do not want to have to sit those exams again. If I have to, of course I will. If that is what needs to be done for me to achieve my goals then I will do anything that is required. When I originally sat my exams I didn't care what I got, I had already had my dreams of joining the army ripped away from me due to eczema so I was a 16 year old on a path of self destruct. It is funny how years down the line your career goals change. I am pleased I never reached my goal of joining the army, I would not have had my beautiful children if I did. I would not be leading the life I do now and I would not be working towards my goal of working with animals.

In three days I will know my results, I will know what my next step is. Will I be celebrating or crying into a pillow? I honestly have no idea, I have no idea what those results will be!

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  1. Charlie gets his too, I really hope you all get the results you want and have worked so hard towards xx