Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I have survived my first year at college

Well technically college is out for summer! I've survived my first year at college, not only did I survive but I got top marks too. It just goes to show, a bit of hard work; lots of coffee, many late nights and early mornings, pays off. I've surprised myself in what I've achieved. I remember sitting in my plastic blue chair at the start of induction week. A document flashed up on the white screen. It was of past students grades, one student in particular stood out from the rest. Ever assignment had D written next to it. That student had somehow managed to get a distinction in every single assignment. I remember sitting there thinking "wow" that is bloody amazing. Not for one moment did I ever believe I could achieve the same but achieve I did. As the weeks went by and assignment were handed back to me I got quit addicted to seeing D written on that paper.

With each distinction came more motivation. There was a flip side, I became fearful of getting a merit as my final grade. Why I don't know, a merit is still a good grade and with a merit overall I can still get into the university of choice. But still, the fear was there. Every assignment I put my all into and never settled on a merit. I am pleased I did. Sure, the dark circles under my eyes are starting to take over my face but they are worth it. I have finished college for the year knowing I put 100% into my work and achieved a distinction in every assignment. My overall grade, a distinction star. Little old me, the mature student with a distinction star!
I have had an amazing year. I have gained so much in just the short time. I have loved every second of working with animals and never once was I bitten. I have delivered lambs, wrestled with calf after calf, freaked out when a Madagascar hissing cockroach attached itself to me, laughed when the water dragon was mocked by her food on her nose and watched in amazement the crested gecko.Below are just a few of the amazing animals that have helped me achieve so much.

It is not just the animals that have helped me, of course I could not have achieved what I did without the help of my lecturers. They have made learning enjoyable even if they did work us hard. I also must mention the friends I have made, the majority almost half of my age but all have the same motivation as I do. I did not expect to laugh so much.

Next year I hope to return with the same motivation. I also hope that in August when I open my GCSE result that I am happy with the grades I receive, cross your fingers and toes for me please.

So there it is, I survived my first year of college!

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