Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mr Tumble's Circus is coming to an Arena Near You

Mr Tumble's Circus is touring arenas this Easter. His first tour in 2013 was a sell out so I know all who go to see his 2015 tour will be in for a treat. My children love Justin. I remember seeing Big T's eyes light up when he saw Mr Tumble doing makaton. He had been taught it from a young age: due to his disabilities his speech was delayed. My two youngest children also love Mr Tumble and have quite a few toys of his, even his spotty bag which I am sure will be coming along with us when we go to see Mr Tumble's Circus in Liverpool. This will be the first time they get to see him live, they will think I am the best mum in the world!

Anyway back to the tour before I talk about my children for the whole post. Mr Tumble is bringing along some very special guests with him on his tour. From Something special he has Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble.
Cat Sandion and Swashbuckle presenter Gem will be on stage which will be their first CBeebies Live! show. My children love Swashbuckle, they dream of being on the show as much as I would dream of being on Fun House as a child. If that was not enough the fabulous, adventurous Andy Day will be making an appearance.

But uh-oh!
Mr Tumble's Circus is delayed on route!

The CBeebies mega-stars with the help of Gigglebiz favourites, including Keith Fitt, Dina Lady, Gale Force and Arthur Sleep - must swing into action and save the day! In doing so, they discover that they too have some pretty amazing talents as well!

But with Robert The Robot insisting that everyone do their chores and Little Monster just wanting to cause mayhem and mischief...Will Justin and the CBeebies stars help get Mr Tumble’s Circus to town on time?

Nine different arenas, 11 different dates and each day has two shows available to book. To find out the dates and time head over to the CBeebies Live website.

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