Monday, 16 March 2015

March is the month of new shoes

I have noticed this month an abundance of shoe images cropping up on my social media. The weather has warmed up by a few degrees, the tulips and daffodils are displaying their fabulous colours as are the array of shoes on display. Seeing all the lovely shoes made me log on and start to search. My sister in law introduced me to Spartoo last month. I looked at the huge amount of different styles of shoes they had to offer for my children. Having five children means I have a huge shoe bill but looking through the Spartoo website I have found plenty of shoes that I adore and are at great prices too.
The main brand request I receive from my older children is always Converse. They are the must have shoe for teens they tell me. Thankfully after completing a search on Spartoo's website I found plenty to choose from. All different colours, patterns, styles and sizes all in a different range of prices too so I knew I could find some within my budget. I found some double tongued sparkly purple ones that are priced and just £25.49. My girls would love them to be on their feet this summer. I think Little Lady would suite these cute pink ones in the image. They would go perfectly with her pink check braces skirt teamed with a crisp white T-shirt. These have gone onto my must buy list.
The boys shoes is something I normally struggle with. They seem to be so much harder to find in styles that I like. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how many styles I liked for the boys and will be purchasing most of their holiday shoes from Spartoo. They both have completely different shaped feet. Little T has narrow feet and Big T has really wide feet, he is also flat footed. Whilst browsing I came across these shoes that would be perfect for the boys when we go to the beach. We spend a lot of time at the beach throughout the summer and often spend the whole day there. I always worry about their feet, especially the soles of them when they are in the water or playing on the sand dunes. You never know what they could possibly be stepping on. These shoes are the perfect water shoes that won't rub their skin and allows them the flexibility that is needed in the water and running around.

What ever your shoe taste is for your children or yourself you are sure to find it here. Now all I need to do it figure out which child I buy new shoes for first, I might get them to draw straws.

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