Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter is almost upon us

Easter is just around the corner. Usually we would be very busy right now as we usually spend Easter on our annual holiday however this year we decided to book for the summer time. We made that decision as I knew I would be snowed under with work from college and we were right. I have assignments to write, revision for Maths and English and just as return I have the dreaded mock exams. This will be the first time we have been home in 5 or 6 years.

I am excited to take part in all the exciting events that are on in our area for a change. Next week we are heading off to Blackpool to delve into the deep. Okay we are going to the Sealife Centre to see their brand new stingray adventure. We will be tracking down Nemo(clown fish) and watching out for the scary sharks too. The children do not know about this so shhh, top secret! 
I hope to fit in a few extra days out, maybe to the zoo or safari park. 

Booted Bantam Chick
We will be kept busy at home. Two weeks ago we had nine little chicks hatch, two of them I loaned to college so that leaves me with seven little babies at home. They are messy little things and I have to clean them out more often that I have in the past as they keep getting their little feathered feet clogged up. I think you'll agree that they are super cute and worth it. Another thing we usually do at Easter in bottle feed lambs. The closest park that offers bottle feeding is Park Hall Farm so maybe a trip to there is in order.

If the weather wants to be extra nice maybe we could fit in a beach day. I know I am wishful thinking but miracles do happen.
Blackrock, Wales

Whatever your plans are, have fun and make memories.

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