Saturday, 29 November 2014

To my boy on the eve of you becoming a teenager.

Big T, Thomas, you're about to become a teenager
Tomorrow you'll be 13
I remember the day you were born so clearly
You was quick to come into the world and was such an easy baby
You hardly cried 
I'd sit by your moses basket waiting for you to wake

As you grew we knew you was not like your big sister
At the age of 1 the tests were in full swing
You were so chubby, a cute chubby boy
This presented a problem when trying to find your veins
You'd cry but only after the nurses had attempted to take blood for the 5th time
The testing was soon forgotten by you and you'd return to your happy self
Always smiling, watching, thinking
It has been 10 years since you took your first steps
It was a magical moment to see
A moment we did not know if we would see
I am happy we did 

It has been around 7 years since your were formally diagnosed 
This was a major turning point for you
You joined a new school, a better school
You've been there ever since and will do so for many more years
I think you know everyone in the school and everyone knows you
No matter where we go you see someone you know
They are often greeted with a huge hug
As every birthday passes by you grow very little, but you are bigger each year
You will soon be as tall as the boys you so look up to 
The boys you say "alright laa" to despite it annoying me
I love that you know how to wind us and your siblings up
it is annoying but it is a quirk of yours that I treasure
I love that you speak your mind
but please don't tell the man on the beach he has a fat belly again

I love that you like many computer games
even if you do change them every 5 minutes
I love that you are fascinated that your 3 year old cousin talks
I love your innocence
I love that you still believe in Santa
I love that you enjoy playing with the kitten with his toys
but please stop locking him in the bathroom 
I can't believe you will wake tomorrow a teenager

Lots of love

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