Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Royal Welsh show with Joules

Last Thursday we filled the car with petrol and set off on a 2 hour journey to attend the Royal Welsh show in Bulith Wells. For a good while now I have wanted to attend the show, the urge to attend was even stronger now that I start an animal management course this September. The college I will be attending also had a stand at the show so I was looking forward to stopping by to have a chat.
I invited my sister in law along for the ride too so our children could spend some time together and of course my mother in law came too. 
We were offered free entrance for one adult and a voucher to spend at the Joules stand, I would have been rather silly to say no especially as I was attending anyway. I had a few stands in mind that I wanted to attend, Joules for a warm jumper and welly socks for the cold winter days when I will be at college, the college stand just so I could say hi, the Donkey Sanctuary to say hello and make a donation. You were spoilt for choice with the stands. The events that were on my must see list were the Sheep dog trials, Equus & Falco and the Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle display. All of the others were added bonuses.

After spending a couple of hours watching the events we headed indoors to get out of the glaring sun. We came across a stand that made things out of bees wax and had a few of their European honey bees with them, I was amazed to learn that a queen bee will only sting another queen bee and she is the only one to repopulate the colony, I have never been so interested in bees in all of my life. We walked away with a little more knowledge about bees and the kids made some bees wax candles that we will save and light on Christmas day. 

We had spent some time looking at all of the animals in their holding pens and decided to go and do a spot of shopping when my sister in law and I managed to get ourselves stuck on the opposite side of some barriers. The assembly of the livestock for the parade was about to begin so my sister in law was on one side and I on another, in between a line of huge bulls and cows paraded by. It turned out quite well that we had to wait for them all to go into the cattle ring because we had an excellent view of all the prized cattle. Each cattle that went by had won a prize at the show so what we saw were cattle that were at their best. I am not sure exactly what makes a prized cow or bull but what I do know was that they all looked excellent.

The parade finished and off we went to do our shopping with the first stop being Joules. At the show some of the prices were slightly cheaper than they are online, I bought some welly socks for £5.18, a new candy pink pony print coat for little lady for £19.98 and lastly a Cowdray striped jumper to keep me warm, it should have been £49.99 but was just £24.99. I just wished they did steel toe capped wellies so I could have some pretty wellies for college too, I do however have Joules welly socks to keep my feet against something soft, they are that soft I will be buying more.

I bought little lady the coat for this winter so its a little big for her at the minute, it is microfleeced lined and 100% weather proof so will be perfect for keeping her warm for when she is at nursery.

Disclaimer-We were given one free adult entrance to the show and a voucher to spend in Joules. All of the other tickets we purchased ourselves. All opinions and images are my own.

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