Monday, 28 July 2014

I love beach days

 A couple of months ago my mum asked me if she could have the 3 eldest children for a week, yes a week, 1 whole week, 7 days, 168 hours of not having my 3 eldest children here. I jumped at the chance once I knew she was 100% certain she would manage. Now I am not certain if it is the same with all families but teens and pre-teens are hard work, throw Big T in the mix and we have mini volcano's ready to explode on many occasions, they have opinions and are not afraid to give them to you whether you want them or not, they push buttons that I never knew existed so a week off sounded brilliant(the last one was 5 years ago), they too would benefit from a week away with their Nanna, a Nanna who they don't get to see that often. I knew they would be spoilt rotten so I set about making sure the youngest two didn't miss out. I bet you are now wondering why all 5 didn't go to stay, the simple answer is that my Mum just does not have a bond with them that she does the eldest 3, we moved away before they were born so they never really spent much time together. It is strange for me to have 3 children close to their Nanna and the other 2 not to be but that is the way it is.

Having spare seats in the mini bus meant we could grab a rare opportunity to spend some time with my niece, sister in law and brother in law. Along with my mother in law we hit the beach, we always go to a place known as Black Rock in Porthmadog, you can drive onto the beach and they have toilet blocks so you can literally spend the whole day there, it is one of my favorite places to be. We had packed the minibus full of food, windbreakers, spades, kites and suncream. I also bought a fantastic gazebo with netted sides from Asda for just £30, it kept the children out of the sun whilst they ate their dinner or paddled in the pool. It will be coming to every beach day from now on.
 We had an amazing day jumping over waves and eating sand sandwiches, we all took turns to fly the kite, and the kids all threw sand in each others eyes despite being told not to a million times. We each winced at the cold water as soon as the sea level went above our knees whilst watching the kids just dive in without batting an eye, do they have no feeling? We then all retreated when the sea started coming in because it brought with it a range of jelly fish, jumping waves whilst being on jelly fish watch is not as fun but having said that it is still my favorite place to be, I just wish the jelly fish would not have the same beach fondness.
Of course I missed the eldest 3, I think little T missed his older sibling too as they normally help him to dig holes. Little lady loved having her cousin though, she loved splashing in the pool and making sand castles with her. I will cherish the day we had, we do not get to spend enough fun days with my niece and her parents so special memories were made. I will now however cross my fingers and toes that we get more beach day weather so we can go back with all of us because my eldest 3 love the beach just as much as I do.

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