Monday, 2 June 2014

May flew by

What happened to the month of May? It seemed to have flown by. It has been not stop since we got back of holiday at the end of April and I don't seem to have had much chance to update. I will be writing up about what we got up to in Devon and Cornwall very soon but the holiday was fabulous and the children all were very surprised at the surprise holiday in Devon.
The beach at Hayle in Cornwall

Recently I made the decision to move all my animal related posts over to my new blog Dreaming of a Small Holding. I start a new animal management course this September so I am sure I will be post lots of animal related post so it made sense to move it away from this blog.  We recently hatched some of these.

If you want to keep updated on the new chicks head over and follow on the new blog too, you also can keep updated on our facebook page and twitter.

Little lady turns 3 next week and she also starts ballet, I hope the weather in going to be nice for this weekend, the college are having a family fun day and also hosting a sheep shearing contest that I would like to see and I am hoping to celebrate her birthday on the beach like last year but the forecast does not look great, lets hope it changes and heats up.

She also starts her settling in days at nursery towards the end of this month. Uniform shopping will be interesting because she is still super tiny. She seems very excited to be going to school in September and I hope she is ok because she really does not like strangers. I can see them bringing her big brother down from his class a lot to calm her down but I am hoping I am wrong!

Big T recently fractured his elbow at school playing on the bars, thankfully it did not need a cast as he would have freaked at the noise when it comes to taking it off. He has had physio on it and is doing really well. We have an orthopaedic appointment for him this week to check it has fully healed.

C is at the orthodontist tomorrow to have the lower arch of her braces fitted, I've never known a teenager to be excited at getting braces. She is having way to much fun changing the colours of the elastics too. She has only had the top arch in a few months and already I can see a huge difference. Her teeth are now forming lovely straight lines which I know will be worth all of endless appointments we seem to have.

M is obsessed with Minecraft, so much so we have had to ban it on quite a few occasions. It works though, on the times we have banned it she plays out with her friends like I would has a kid. 
We need to find her a hobby, maybe it is about time I taught her how to knit as she keeps telling me she wants to knit. 

Little T had a pretty awesome month, he played football at Anfield! When we went for a family day out at Anfield we were not allowed to touch the pitch so the fact that he got to play on the pitch was amazing. What was also amazing is that he wore his Dads football boots that he had as a child, they were the only boots that would fit him. I think those boots will be even more cherished now.

I have lots more to update on so will be writing again soon.

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