Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I'm Going to BritMums Live 2014

For the third year running I will be attending BritMums Live, the two day blogging event that gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and socialize with other bloggers. Being a mum to five children life can be hectic, most of my time is given to them so it is nice to have time to be just me. I am also thrilled to be able to go and support my school friend & fellow blogger Kerrie who blogs at Wife, mum, student bum, she is in the running for an award for being funny, funny in a humorous way not a weird way, go check her out.

I think we all need a little support throughout our lives and this is where I introduce my wonderful sponsor C&G Baby Club. Whether you have just discovered that you are going to become a parent or you are dealing with a toddler issue, C&G Baby Club are there to help. 

As an experienced parent I find C&G baby club useful too so it is not only for those who are starting out on their parenting journey. I remember bringing my 4th child home and having a mild panic because I could not remember how many blankets to put on him, I found comfort in pregnancy and parenting forums. It is amazing how much support you can get from people on forums, they are just parents like you who give advice and occasionally need advice, they also have professionals at C&G Baby Club for those burning questions that only a professional can answer. 

I love that C&G Baby Club have a 24/7 careline that you can contact should you need it, you can contact by phone, email or live chat. I think many pregnant ladies or their partners can become overwhelmed when they have a question that needs answering but don't know who to call, on many occasions I have found that many pregnant ladies don't want to bother their midwife with every worry so the Careline is brilliant to get those question answered or even just for a bit of reassurance. The same applies for when your precious child is here. After 5 children I still don't know the answers, the weaning age has changed over the years so I rely on the wealth of information that baby clubs such as C&G Baby Club has to offer. It is free to register so why not become a member of their friendly community.

So thanks to my wonderful sponsor I am off to London this weekend, I call it a blogging event my husband calls it a jolly. Either way I know I will learn new skills and laugh, lots. 

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