Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Best party ever thanks to Argos

Nothing is more exciting than your child's birthday, I get excited on every birthday they have and with 5 children we have lots. When possible I love to throw them a birthday party, now I know parties can be hard work and cake can be found in places cake should never be once the guests have left but they are fun. Argos also make it easy with their party range. I was really impressed with the vast amount of products that you can buy from Argos and I am sure you will be too.

 We decided on a hero theme for little T's birthday, he is superhero obsessed and does love Spiderman and Batman so choosing from Argos was pretty easy. We were sent plates, napkins, cups, party bags and table cloths all in a matching Spiderman and Batman range. Little T was amazed when he saw it all set up!

Argos also sent us their fabulous star piñata, I've always wanted one of these. I think it is every kids dream to smash it open to reveal sweets just raining down upon them. It was easy to fill with a range of sweets too. I was surprised at how tough it was though, plenty of children could all have a good go at breaking the piñata before it finally gives in, a few adults could have fun too. 

Cake, the cake is one of the most important parts of a birthday party, sticking with the hero theme I made him a 2 tier superhero cake. It is not as smooth as I would have liked but little T was very excited about it, he loved hulks hand coming out of Spiderman and it did taste delicious.
I have no idea what I will make him next year! 

Did I mention our special guests Batman and Superman?
I love these cardboard cut outs so much I couldn't bear to part with them after the party so they are living under my stairs. Sorry kids, your parties will be superhero themed till you're 18. The Batman and Spiderman costumes are both from Argos and are excellent quality, they are incredibly detailed and padded in the right places. The boys even took them on holiday with them and worn them for the fancy dress night. Little T was chosen to go on the stage for one of the best in fancy dress much to his delight, they really are top quality. Talking of quality every item I received was top quality. The plates stayed plates and didn't collapse as soon as I placed a chicken drumstick on it. The cups were plastic not cardboard. Everything was excellent quality. 
In with my party pack was a canister of helium & latex balloons that perfectly matched the Spiderman Happy Birthday banner. The canister can easily fill 30 9" balloons, filling balloons with it could not be simpler. I added the ties to the balloons myself and they were not included in my pack.

Our party ended with the handing out of the party bags.
My boy is one year older, we survived another party.
I know for sure in two months I will be buying little ladies party items from Argos, you can not beat the quality for the price in my opinion.
Head over and check out the Argos party range and discover what amazing themes you could be having at your next party.

Argos sent me a selection of their party range for the purpose of the review, all wording, images and opinions are my own

Did you miss me?

Well we've been quiet haven't we, sorry!

We've been away on holiday, 7 days in Cornwall then a surprise 4 days in Devon. The kids were all rather surprised when we told them we were not going home and staying at Devon. 

I have lots to write about and have reviews of products from Argos Party range, Chill Factor slushy maker, Degustabox, Skribbies and so much more to share with you. I shall be writing about our travels to Cornwall and Devon with Haven and sharing the tales of a few of our favourite places to visit.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Poundland has Easter covered

Poundland challenged me to purchase some of their Easter range and discover what they have available for an Easter party. When I arrived at Poundland I noticed the Easter Aisle straight away and set about picking up item after item, to be honest I could have bought more but I had a budget and stuck to it. Firstly I bought a set of cookie cutters, a box of Cornflakes, cup cake set, a bar of Dairy milk and eggs, well a good few bags of mini eggs oh and I almost forgot the jelly beans. 
Yes you've guessed it we made cornflake cakes, who does not love cornflakes cakes? I used the cookie cutters to make cute shapes of delicious chocolate flakes too. The egg shape one we decorated with colourful Smartie mini eggs and we used the jelly beans for eyes on the chick & rabbit. The lovely cornflake cakes we topped with 3 egg in each one & placed a cake decoration in each one. We also purchased the Easter cupcake stand  to place our cakes on, it was really easy to put together and it was a good sturdy cake stand.

We love to do Easter egg hunts with the children, they all race around trying to get as many eggs as possible so each year we hide eggs and place down the clues.  For the hunt we bought chocolate carrots, a chocolate egg decorating kit, 6 Easter crackers, an Easter egg Hunt kit, cute decorative eggs, 8 colourful plastic eggs that you can fill with treats, a set of mini eggs on stakes, a pack of chocolates, a colourful basket to collect all our eggs in and a cute paint your own bunny decorating set. These are all perfect for a great Easter egg hunt and a bargain at Poundland's prices. 

No Easter would be complete without an Easter bonnet. We bought a boys hat, tiny yellow chicks and decorative mini eggs to decorate it with. In our store there was plenty to choose from to decorate your bonnet and I am sure you would make a prize winning Easter Bonnet.

Poundland sent me a voucher to purchase all of the items mentioned in this review.