Friday, 14 March 2014

Sorry I've been awol

Last week my laptop charger decided it wanted to break on me so I have not been able to blog, I have missed two Memory Monday's so for that I can only apologise. Since I have been without my beloved laptop I've been a busy lady. The sun has been shining too which I am sure has made everyone much happier, we managed to have a lovely walk at our local country park last Sunday. The children all love it there as do I. After seeing all the lovely animals including the stinky pigs they let off some steam running around on the park, little lady got slightly annoyed when she couldn't climb the climbing wall like her 10 year old sister, 2 going on 12 she is. We bought feed to feed the ducks but I think every other parent in the area had the same idea as not one duck wanted the feed, if anyone needs any duck feed in the area I have 4 small bags of the stuff!

Our own poultry stock aka the chickens have had a new swing made and fitted by my very own fair hands, they are a little afraid of it still but they are chickens after all. They have also had a new drinking system fitted my myself. They are now on nipple drinkers fed off a water butt, they soon got the hang of it and will no longer be able to kick dirt into their water. I am also in the process of growing them some lovely wheat grass for them to devour!

I took delivery of some lovely materiel last week that I ordered, so I got out my trusty sewing machine to make myself a pretty dress, okay I made two! Now this is a big deal for me, I don't wear dresses. I have always felt self conscious about being slim(I know crazy) I hated that I was so slim, at 5ft 4" the heaviest I ever reached was 7st 3oz despite taking on extra calories I just could not gain any weight. This last year though I thrown everything at it and I have managed to reach a healthy 8st 4.5oz(that .5 of a ounce does count) and finally I am starting to like my body. This summer I will not be hiding under jeans and a jumper, I will be getting my skinny pins out for all to see(even if it is just through a slit in my maxi dress). My goal is to reach 9 stone, I think then I might just be very happy with my body!
Memory Monday will be back this Monday if you would like to join in.

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