Saturday, 29 March 2014

My journey to luscious lashes with Maylash

I think most women long for longer, fuller eyelashes. Most resort to having fake eyelashes applied, I have done so in the past and loved them till it came to removing them. The solution that was used caused me to have an allergic reaction. It took months for me to be able to apply eye makeup again and still to this day I get very dry eye lids. When I was offered to review Maylash I was in two minds, I never know if I will have another reaction to new products but after reading the ingredients and knowing it is all natural I went ahead and 4 days later I am pleased to tell you that I have had no reactions at all. Maylash is a serum that you apply to the roots of your own lashes, this stimulates your own eyelashes to grow.
Maylash takes 1-2 months to work and can take 2-4 months to reach maximum eyelash length. The great thing is, if you stop using Maylash the results will remain for 1-2 months however you can keep them looking luscious by applying Maylash 1-3 times a week. Over the next 2 months I will update weekly on the growth of my eyelashes, hopefully they will grow and I will have found a solution to my little lashes and can stop envying my sons beautiful long lashes.

I will try and make sure I take almost identical pictures each time so every week you get a funny smiley eye face(or is it just me that sees that?) to compare the growth each week.

So for the next couple of months I will be applying a thin line of Maylash to my eyelash root every night using the Maylash applicator. If you want to try it before I can reveal any results you can buy if for £49 & the great thing is if you're not satisfied after trying Maylash for at least two months you can get your money back 100% guaranteed. 

I've been sent a Maylash serum to try for the purpose of this review, all wording and opinions are my own. I will update each week using my own images and will not use any other eyelash enhancements at all, other than the Maylash serum all images will show my eyes in their natural way.

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