Monday, 24 March 2014

A charity close to my heart

I love animals, most I adore but cats have a special place in my heart. So I feed my cat lady ways without needing hundreds of cats by volunteering at my local Cats Protection. They often have events which help to raise much needed funds, I decided to ask brands that I have worked with in the past to offer up a product to raise funds and I am very pleased with what we received.

Heat holders  sent me two pairs of their lovely snug socks to raise funds, if you have never had the pleasure of a pair of heat holders keeping your feet warm I highly recommend you buy some. I will be relying on them heavily when I start my animal management course this winter.
Swell Uk were another fabulous brand who sent me a cat scratch post. Cats Protection put this to very good use and gave this one to one of the cats without a scratch post. They were very impressed with this particular post and at £13.49 I would say it is a real bargain. Lastly the lovely Monster Pet supplies and Pet Shop Bowl sent me lots of food sample packs, treats and a collar, these went a long way on the day. Lots of people came and helped to raise funds, many went in and cuddled the cats, events like these often help to get the gorgeous cats looking for homes reserved. That is what it is all about after all. 
Thanks to all who helped to raise £360, thank you to all the lovely brands for helping me to help them it is much appreciated. 

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