Monday, 17 February 2014

Memory Monday 7/2014

Yes you've guessed it, Memory Monday is here again. This week we were battered by winds, our power was out for over 17 hours. M was on a school trip for 2 days at an outdoor education centre and they too went without power for the majority of the time she was there, it also knocked their phone lines out so we had no way of knowing if she was okay which I never want to repeat.
Back at home though we too had no phone line and the mobile phones has no network coverage at all so we would not have received a message even if they were able to send one. We live facing a row of tall trees, they sit on the top of a steep bank before you reach the river at the bottom that too was swollen from all the rain. Most of them have seen better days and are slowly being suffocated by the strangleweed & Ivy, maybe that is the reason they've not fell to the ground yet, the only tell tale sign of the winds we had is this one branch hanging on by a thread of bark, each time I have to walk almost under it I am certain it will fall. We have since had strong winds and it is still holding on, if only squirrels came with little mini squirrel saws to chop it down.

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