Monday, 3 February 2014

Memory Monday 5/2014

My Memory Monday is all about animals this week, last Tuesday I enrolled on a college course that I wish I had done as soon as I left school. I learnt about the course from volunteering at my local Cats Protection. I went to the interview hoping to get onto level 1 in animal care but was offered level 3 in animal management, bonus, I had skipped 2 years in 30 minutes. As you can imagine I was thrilled and excited for September, then I come across a problem. Once upon a time there was a free bus for adult learner to the college with it being in the middle of nowhere. The funding for this bus was cut in December last year after a years notice. Not a problem for me though as I was informed there was a service bus that runs right past the college, student services told me so I thought heck they would know! Back at home searching for this bus on all the timetables became difficult, the reason it was so difficult is because there is no bus in the morning! The first bus leaves my town at 9:20am arriving at the college for 10:05, I don't think the college would be best please with me arriving 1 hour late every day.
So I was in a pickle and just wanted to cry, do I give up before I give in? I turned to facebook for help, my sister in law and pal decided it would be fantastic if I as to get a moped, now I just think they are having a laugh but it is a valid suggestion. So here I am 1 week after enrolling on a great course having to make a decision about whether I go ahead and save for a moped or just quit. My mother in law helped to ease my worries about driving a moped by saying "oh you're going to crash" it is always nice knowing I can count on my mother in law for reassurance!
What would you do?

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