Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Britax Kidfix XP SICT Car Seat

Choosing a car seat can be difficult at times with that many on the market to choose from and all the different features leaves you wondering what is best for you and your childs needs. When I look for one I normally start with the isofix feature, I think that is why I love Britax car seats so much and have used the Britax safefix plus TT for little lady ever since she because big enough to use it. No other car seat as swayed me to swap car seats so it must be good. Having isofix means I know I can not make a mistake when fitting the car seat, it also means the car seat has minimal movement making this much safer should we have an accident.

For little T we have the Britax Kidfix XP SICT and I love it just as much as I do little ladies. This group 2-3 car seat is full of features that are designed to make it a safer car seat for your child. 
SICT stands for side impact cushion technology. This clever feature absorbs the force of a side impact before reaching your child, it is also adjustable so you can just use the side that is needed freeing up space for the person sitting in the middle seat. 

XP-Pad is not a new console coming out, it sets a new safety standard, when it comes to your child you can never be too safe so this feature I also love. It takes up to 30% of crash forces away from your childs neck verses the seat belt alone. It is well padded too, little T says it is more comfortable for him using it than using just the seat belt, this means that whenever we travel he is much more comfortable.

As I said earlier I do love isofix and isofit is not much different, isofit is for car seats that use a 3 point belt such as a seat belt and the isofix is for a car seat with the 5 point safety harness. Britax explain isofit on their website much better than I can. The installation indicators on the car seat show that you have fitted the car seat correctly, being fitted by isofit also stops the car seat from coming forward should a crash happen whilst your child is not travelling with you. If you want to use this car seat without the isofit feature you can, the isofix arms fully retract for when fitting by using the seat belt alone.

The Britax Kidfix XP SICT is forward facing only and suitable for ages 4-12 years(15kg-36kg), my 5, 9 and 12 year old all fit comfortably in it. All you need to do for children of different sizes is adjust the headrest to suit the child that is using it at the time, it is so simple to do. I love that the covers can be taken off to clean, this is a huge bonus as we often take a a packed lunch should we be travelling far. The seat cover is padded making travelling comfortable. We will be travelling 320 miles one way later on in the year for our annual holiday so knowing my son will be comfortable in his seat gives me peace of mind that the journey will be much nicer for him(I need one in adult size).

The specifications are as follows, height is 68-86cm depending on where you adjust the headrest to. Width is 54cm and the depth is 42cm, the weight is 7.2kg.

I honestly do love this car seat, would I recommend it? I already have, this car seat is the only one you will need once your child is ready to move onto this stage, little T can use this car seat till he no longer needs to travel using a car seat. As much as I love isofix I am pleased I can still use the Kidfix XP SICT in a car that is not fitted with isofix, so I really can just buy the one car seat.

Lastly the price is one you will love too, it comes with an RRP of just £165 which I think is quite a bargain considering all of its safety feature.

We were sent the car seat for the purpose of the review, all our opinions are our own as are the images used.

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