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A family day out at Liverpool Football Club Part Two

Part two of our family day out at Liverpool Football club is here, if you have followed on from Part One welcome back and if you would like to read part one that covers the Stadium tour and the interactive Museum please click here
Family Park
Stomach rumbling we headed over to the Family Park to refuel, entry is free and in the park there is lots of activities going on. We easily found a table despite thousand being within the area and we found the food to be fairly priced, I expected to be paying much more. Whilst we were eating Mighty Red walked into the Park, they announced that he would be sticking around for a while which was a good because the boys were mid way through their meal. The boys quickly ate their meal and off we went to
 meet him. There were no queue so they both got to see him quickly, straight away he made the boys laugh, he accidentally dropped his picture that he was about to sign and then purposely dropped his pen, this had the boys and two girls who were waiting in fits of giggles. Mighty Red didn't rush the boys away either which was great, I really liked this because Big T normally has not figured out what he wants to say before being ushered away so being able to spend some time with Mighty Red was brilliant. 
He signed two cards for both the boys and they are now treasured along with the tickets and images. You can follow Might Red's adventures by heading over to Kop Kids. After meeting Mighty Red we had a go on the games consoles that were there and watched some of the other children testing their football skills. Even on a cold day it had many activities to keep the children entertained whilst you are waiting for the Turnstiles to open. With a full belly we headed off to the shop to purchase some goodies, I came across a pink and white scarf that I regretted not buying whilst at the match, I wanted to wave my scarf(maybe next time). On the way back to the turnstiles we found ourselves in a crowd, this crowd had gathered to watch the Liverpool players come off their coach and head through the player entrance that we had done so just a few hours earlier on the tour. The boys could not see a thing when suddenly a security guard ushered them to the front, I noticed that they had brought all the children to the front to see their team just a few feet in front of them. Big T was amazed and Little T got to see his Daddy's favourite player Steven Gerrard so it was worth getting stuck in a crowd. 
Whilst walking back to the turnstiles Little T started to lag so I offered to give him a piggy back ride, I had just bent down for him when I thought I heard my husband say "we're not in a rush" I stood with a 5 year old on my back and he said again "It's Ian Rush" just as a man was walking past, I managed to catch a glimpse of his head, I looked back at my husband and all he could say was "it's Ian Rush". Whether it was Ian Rush I guess we will never know but Daddy2five is 100% certain Ian Rush just walked out from the direction of the houses right past us and into the stadium.
The amazing match

We excitedly got to our seats super early, the stadium was starting to fill with the 44,781 fans. Our seats were located in the family section which is on the second tier, Big T was a bit apprehensive about being so high and took some reassuring but we do this many times with him having special needs. Once the stadium filled he nor I noticed how high up we were and I think our seats we in a great location for the toilets and snack bars. We watched the players warm up and managed to get some good pictures that you can see here.
The game was immense, I never in a million years thought I would enjoy it as much as I did and seeing both my boys cheering on their team was amazing. When all of the fans sang You'll never walk alone I picked up Little T and we sang along together, I felt like I was part of a huge family, a family that had all gathered to watch their team play. 

Every time Suarez got the ball and headed our way the crowd went wild, the boys got excited and followed the lead of all of the fans around them and proudly cheered. Families were seated all around us, directly seated in front of us was a few men with a young child and throughout the game they made sure that they didn't block the view of the boys. Every goal that was scored and there were 4, yes 4 had all the fans up on their feet cheering, the atmosphere was brilliant The whole game went by so quickly, I looked at the clock and it was almost full time, Liverpool had played a brilliant game and what a game it was for the boys to witness as their first match. 

 So at 16:47 on 7th December 2013 Liverpool had beat West Ham 4-1, my boys had memories they would keep forever, my husband had memories he would keep forever and I, well I had an amazing time and would do it all over again in a heart beat and one day we will, with child tickets being just £15 for the big games it is affordable, maybe next time we will bring the whole family and I will get my pink and white scarf.  

Whilst getting our memorabilia out to write this review Little T saw the tickets and "screamed you've got more tickets?" That is how much my little 5 year old enjoyed his day at Anfield, I had to tell him that no they were the old tickets but we will return as soon as we are able to buy tickets and he knows when we say we will take him back, we will one day take him back.

We were given tickets to the game free, all wording, images and opinions are my own

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