Thursday, 9 January 2014

A family day out at Liverpool Football Club Picture post

So you have read part one and part two of our family day out at Liverpool Football club, here is just a few additional picture that I wanted to share.

The kits and boots all on display at the interactive museum

The Kop memorabilia and the stands how they once were, I enjoyed reading the writing on them.

 You'll Never Walk Alone on the Bill Shankly gates entrance and the Hillsborough Memorial to the side of those gates.

Little T having fun in the family park

The Kop stand 

The players start to warm up

Below is the funniest picture I have taken in a long time, every time I look at it I have to giggle because it looks like one of the players has decided to hide their head in the pitch and Luis Suarez is finding it funny too, my husband sees a player stretching, I see different!

These huge flags pass over the fans heads on the Kop Stand

Our whole day was amazing, we enjoyed every single second of it.

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