Friday, 20 December 2013

Tefal Kitchen Machine Compact

Christmas came a little early for me, I have been a super good girl this year and only landed myself on the good list. The Tefal Kitchen Machine has been on my wish list for a while, I love to bake but I have never had a good mixer so would end up whisking my egg whites to within an inch of my life. Now making my royal icing is easier finally. Argos have quite a huge range of Tefal appliances to buy, you can view their range here, a steam generator iron is next on my wish list if my husband is reading. I would be able to make your clothes crease free in no time with one of those.
Back to my lovely mixer, it comes with 3 attachments, the kneader, the mixer and the whisk. Each attachment is used depending on what you are making, the whisk is great for making your egg whites have good peaks for royal icing and it is also great for beating the butter for butter cream, I managed to get my butter really white. The mixer as you have possibly guessed is great for mixing a cake mix, I easily managed a 4oz mix and you would still have plenty of room with a 6oz mix.
The splash protector comes in handy if you are mixing liquid, I so far have not needed to use it but I am certain when it comes to mixing my pancake mix for Shrove Tuesday the lid will be firmly on there. The Tefal mixer has 4 speed settings and a pulse setting, speed 4 does sound like it is about to take off and the attachment is spinning around the bowl faster than I could count in turns but the machine does not move an inch. Tefal have cleverly designed this mixer and attached suckers onto the feet of it making it sturdier than any other I have used.
It is an excellent machine for the hobby baker, it can manage small quantities of bread dough and is large enough to make a good batch of cakes.

Disclaimer- In association with Argos, all opinions and images are of my own.

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