Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ready, steady, play

 Being a John Adams blogger means I get to test some fantastic games and with Christmas just a few weeks away my games cupboard is bursting at its seams, you can never have too many games though especially at Christmas time. If your family is anything like mine then you will be busy visiting and making time to visit your family. I loved playing games as a child and that love of games is still going strong. I happily join in playing games with my children ages 2, 5, 9, 12, and 13, we played:
Gooey Louie If you want to get your snot phobic mother in law swiftly out of the room just play this game, it works a treat. Gooey Louie is suitable for ages 5 and upwards, my 2 year old did join in, we joined forces and become a fantastic nose picking team. You each take turns to pick Gooey Louie's nose(no peeking up his nose), the person who pulls the wrong gooey making Louie's brains fly out of his head is then out of the game, Louie's brain is replaced and the gooeys stuffed back up his nose and play continues, the winner is crowned the nose picking champion by being the last person to pick the wrong gooey. Who would have thought nose picking was so much fun? All of my children thoroughly enjoyed this game and they giggled so much, as for the adults, well, we did tell them that if you pick your nose your brains will fall out.

Silly Moo  This game is the strangest game we have played, however it brought lots of laughter and competitiveness to the table. You load Silly Moo up with the milk cartons and cow pats, with a flip of the tail and popping her eyes back in her head play can commence. You pull the udders the same amount as is shown on the die that you throw. White cartons score 1, gold scores 2 and if you get the cow pat then you deduct 1 point from your score. The winner is the one with the most points once you have fully milked her. 
Again all of the children enjoyed this game and it was the one we played the most. It is suitable for ages 3 and upwards but my 2 year old did play with help and supervision as the parts are very small. 

Don't take Buster's Bones He looks a little menacing doesn't he, he is all snore and bark though. This game is suitable for ages 4 and upwards which I do agree with, any younger would have difficulty in using the claw tweezers to pick the bones out of Buster's food bowl. Each player picks a card, on one side of the card it shows what colour and the amount of bones you have to carefully remove from Buster's bowl. Move carefully though, one false move will send the snoring Buster into action right in the direction of the food bowl. This will make you jump out of your skin, my 5 year old refused to play it because it scared him however the older ones loved the suspense of not knowing if Buster is about to wake. The winner is the last remaining person not caught stealing Buster's bones. This was a fun game, we all jumped each time Buster woke and the game didn't end too quickly either.
Each game that we were sent I would recommend, each one the children enjoyed for various reasons and they game be played again and again. Will you be picking noses, milking cows or stealing bones this Christmas? We will be doing all three.

Keep an eye on the blog for two more game reviews coming soon, we will be saying what we see with Catch Phrase and attempting to draw for Telestrations.

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