Friday, 20 December 2013

My Family Tree picture

 I was walking through the isles in Ikea just browsing when I caught sight of a picture frame, it was one of those that is thick enough to allow you to frame 3d art. I knew instantly what I wanted to do, a few weeks back I was using my pyrography machine to burn names into wooden reindeer's but I had some lovely wooden hearts that I knew I wanted to use in something special but at the time I could not think what.

I instantly knew I wanted to burn all of our names into the hearts & use them to display in the frame, I then saw a bundle of willow sticks & thought that I could cut them down in size to create a tree.
Back at home I got out the glue gun & trimmed down the willow sticks then glued them onto a piece of paper creating a leafless tree. My husband looked at me like I had suddenly gone crazy(darling I have been crazy for years) & said "is that it!" I shot him a look of do not say another word. I carried on with my little art project by burning our names into the heart & began glueing them to the tree. I glued them so they looked like they were hung from the tree branches. It has come out exactly how I imaged it in my head, I am still undecided whether to add, Family, Laugh, Love and Dream around the thick mount. 

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