Friday, 20 December 2013

Innotab 3s

Vtech are a brand name I trust, it is a name I know that injects education into all of their products. No matter what you buy you know that it will be able to teach your child whilst they play. We have the Vtech Innotab 3S and my children love it. From a learning aspect it helps them with cognitive development, basic maths skills, problem solving, science concepts, reading development, visualisation and memory. It is aimed at children age 3-9 but my 2 year old can easily navigate the tablet and I have found many of the apps that you can buy are also age appropriate.
The only app I was slightly disappointed with was a counting cat one called Silly Stacking Kittens, it cost £2.99 and for that price I did expect more however all of the other apps I have purchased or received via the free download I think are worth the money. Little lady loves the colour and pop app because she can colour and see a pretty result at the end, rather than them colouring as they would being careful not to go over the lines the colour flood fills the image. Her 5 year old brother enjoys the My Magic beanstalk app every time he logs into his account it alerts him if his beanstalk needs something, he can care for it to get things back in return to further on in the game. Once he has given it magic in return for beans it tells him to return in 24 hours helping him with the concept of time.
I used to worry about my children getting use to using their fingers for the touch screen but they happily use the stylus and all of them grasp it like they would a pencil. When it comes to the art studio I know she is learning the skills that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. She loves to colour and loves seeing the flood fill image but the art studio allows her to draw like she would using a pen on paper, she can also save her image if she likes it.
The Innotab 3s has the ability to take pictures and videos, the camera is able to rotate 360°. The camera does need a well lit area to be able to take clear pictures but my children do enjoy this function. I like that they can choose to access a safe Internet via the kid safe wi-fi connection.
Not only can the Innotab 3s connect to a kid safe wi-fi it has the ability to send and receive messages with iphones and android smart phones with the Vtech kid connect premium(sold separately). With hundreds of Downloadable apps and cartridges available to buy, you are sure to be able to fill it with apps that your child will love.
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