Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Home made crackers you'll love

Cartridge Save challenged me to have a crafty Christmas & I do love a challenge, they sent me a craft box and some suggestions and guides. I put on my best crafty head along with my children's input/interference we came up with a simple idea of a reindeer cracker, with a plan in place we just obeyed the instructions, okay we went a little off and used sellotape on the odd occasion. I hold my hands up to using double side sticky tape too but we created a cracking cracker.
You can download the full cracker guide to follow at home by clicking on the link.
You will need(per cracker)
2 x toilet roll tubes(1 cut in half)
cracker snaps
hand written jokes
gifts to place inside

I started of by cutting out my cracker paper, I used silver wrapping paper for mine, I followed the guide and lightly used the scissors to create a score  line on the inner side so that when the cracker is pulled it is nice and even. I stuck down my snapper evenly and then placed the inners of the toilet roll onto the edge of the paper and secured with double sided tape, you can use glue if needed. I placed double sided tape on the opposite side of the paper and rolled my toilet roll tubes evenly. I tied of one side using red ribbon and filled it with a joke and chocolates but you can fill yours with whatever you like.  
Once you have placed your gifts inside tie off the other side then decorate. We are doing lots of reindeer themed crafts so stuck to the same theme and glued a small red reindeer to a wooden reindeer we had at home then glued it to the main body of the cracker. If you do use a large decoration be aware of the line you previously created with the scissors,  I would just stick the decoration down to one side or do not be over generous when glueing down. You will end up with a lovely hand made cracker.

 The fun does not have to stop there either, you can download the other guides to get crafty this Christmas, we had a go at the wreath and the angel, the children really enjoyed making the wreath because it was so simple to do and great fun. Head over to their website to discover how to have a crafty Christmas.

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