Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas for less with Poundland

I love a good challenge and when Poundland sent me a voucher for £20 and told me to go and see what I could buy for Christmas I knew I could easily complete it. I visited my local store which is always well stocked with a good range of items. The store is always clean and tidy and enough staff to serve you so your not left in a queue for too long.
So the Christmas products, what did I buy?
I bought a cute please stop here sign, it is of course a reindeer to keep in tune with my theme this year of everything being about reindeer's. It has a white glittery background and is attached to a wooden stake. This sign has been battered by the weather we have had lately and I was very surprised at how well it faired, the same can not be the same for my poor outdoor tree(not from poundland).

For far too long now I have been wishing for a nice light up wreath to hang on my front door, I saw some gorgeous ones but refused to hand over £20 for one(Scrooge). I saw the wreath and other little bits and I had a light bulb moment. I looked about and found some fairy lights and a door hook, along with the bells and the decoration set I knew I could make a nice wreath for a bargain price of £5. 
The lights are indoor only but as the wreath is in a sheltered location I have had no problems with it. I set about bushing out the wreath and with a little tinker here and there, viola my wreath was complete. Many people have commented on it and asked about it. I think it looks really well and you would not be able to tell I only paid £5 for it all. The remaining balance went on drawing pins to stick up the decorations, a Christmas cd to get me in the festive spirit. Three metal cars, an ice cream lip gloss set, a Peppa pig comb & mirror set and a make up set for the kids stockings. Four Sony batteries because you will need batteries come Christmas day and the shops will be closed. I also bought sweets to put in the stockings so the kids are all hyper and After eights for me so I can cope with the hyper children. My husband was not left out he got the Milk Tray. 
I also bought a 40 pack of Christmas cards for the kids to send to their friends(not shown) and a balloon for my daughter(not shown) The balloon lasted for around 5 days before it deflated but to be fair she did use it to bash things and play pirates with her brothers. Why not call in and see what is in your local store.

Disclaimer, I was sent a voucher to purchase the above products

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