Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Crafts with reindeer prints

hand print foot print reindeer Christmas card
This year I've gone a little Christmas crafts crazy, I have also notice I seem to be going with a theme unwittingly. The theme of course is reindeer's, I have had my pyrography machine out burning names into wooden reindeer's for the kids Santa's sacks. I have been stitching their names into red felt reindeer's for their stockings and now I am making cards, cute cards at that. We were having a crafts day when I got little lady to do her hand and foot prints for me (we needed practice for a future project I have planned). She giggled as I painted on the cold brown paint and loved seeing her foot & hand prints appear on the paper. 
As they were drying I recalled seeing a reindeer print done using just the footprint and then drawn on antlers, the hand prints we had done looked like they would make fantastic antlers. I got little lady to use her finger to paint on a bright red nose because all good reindeer's have bright red noses you know. I then hunted for card to stick them onto, I had no card at all in(bad crafter) so we had an impromptu trip to Tesco to buy some, whilst there I saw some stick on eyes and knew they would be far better than the eyes I was thinking about drawing on.
Back at home with the dried prints we cut out her hand and foot prints and stuck them down onto the folded a4 card. Inside we used a stencil and felt tips to draw on the Merry Christmas. If you have an older child they could hand write their own little message.

We handed her card over to Nanna at the weekend and she loves it, and to quote her she said "well I won't be throwing that one away it will go in my special draw" so not only is it a personal card but a keepsake for someone who your child adores.
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