Monday, 25 November 2013

Tesco Chocolate

It is so hard being a blogger when Tesco send you delicious chocolates to review, we have to eat large amounts of mouth watering chocolate, we have to taste every last crumb just to be sure it tastes good! Okay that last bit is a lie, I could have shared out the delicious Cinnamon Chokablok and the Gingerbread stars, they are perfect for sharing with my family but who shares chocolate, my children certainly don't and I am not about to break a habit of a lifetime. I had to choose my chocolate eating moment carefully, sure I could have just retreated to my bedroom and hid in the wardrobe, the kids would've never found me there but I like to see what I am eating. I waited for the children to go to bed and for the husband to become absorbed in a computer game, and chocolate taste testing began.
I devoured half of the Cinnamon Chokablok, taking in the cinnamon taste, I do love cinnamon. The taste is not overpowering either, it is just right for the taste buds. It is milk chocolate with white chocolate swirled in. If the tree shape was not festive enough the chocolate malt balls gold dusting glistens in the light(I would not have noticed that in the wardrobe). Amongst the glistening balls of goodness you have caramelised biscuit and ginger crumble. It is fair to say the 150g Cinnamon Chokablok is definitely worth £5, it will make a great gift too, after all who does not like chocolate?(if you don't like chocolate don't answer that)  
With the Cinnamon Chokablok came the pretty presented Gingerbread Stars Square Box, I think these would make perfect little gifts for a teacher or as a stocking filler. They come wrapped in black tissue paper and presented in their own box. They are a good size piece of chocolate too, Tesco have been generous in making these rather chunky stars. They have topped the milk chocolate stars with a drizzling of white chocolate and caramelised biscuits and ginger crumble. They taste delicious, mouth watering delicious! The Gingerbread stars a bargain too at £4 for 100g. Tesco have a huge range of festive chocolate just ready to be placed in you stockings or even to hand out to visitors this Christmas, that is if you can bare to share.

 Tesco sent us the two selections from their range for the purpose of the review, all opinions and images are my own.

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