Monday, 7 October 2013

Kids Capture the Colour

We were lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Kids Capture the Colour competition with Travel Supermarket. We were sent a camera to take part, when I handed Tristan the camera his little eyes lit up because he is always trying to take pictures on my Canon, I'm just not brave enough to hand it over so he was very happy to have his very own camera.

Below is his entry
age 5

Tristan chose his blue and it is the sky that the Blackpool tower stretches high into, we had just enjoyed a trip to the Circus in the tower and we came out to glorious blue skies.
kids capture the colour blue

I do love this one, the reason being I asked him why he was taking a picture of the floor, he responded with "I'm not mum, I am catching my shadow" 

kids capture the colour white

A lovely red ladybird that we found flying around our house looking for the escape route. We shown him/her the way out but not before its picture was taken.

kids capture the colour red

This one could fit into green or yellow but we are going with yellow, it is of a flower in our garden taken just after a trip to the park

kids capture the colour yellow

The flower beds seemed a little bare to me but Tristan insisted on taking pictures of the flowers, thankfully he did because this is our green, ok, I know there is not much green amongst the soil but green there is. It reminds me of little sea urchins moving across the ocean floor.
kids capture the colour green

I have really enjoyed looking through all the pictures he has taken, I have even made it onto some of them which is quite rare as I am the one behind the lens normally. I did at one point have to stop him from taking pictures of strangers, thankfully he listened and went back to taking pictures of objects that could be in his pictures.

I shall leave you with one last picture of his

Capture the Colour
rectangle rainbow
a rectangle rainbow

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