Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thinking of holidays already

Our annual holiday is usually taken during the Easter holidays and is always with Haven, we usually do get a grant from Family Fund because of big T's disabilities, this allows us to enjoy a holiday as a family and gives us a welcomed break from our usual routine. This year though we managed to save for a weekend break at the Blackpool Cala Gran park during the 6 weeks holidays, it was a last minute decision as we decided to join our family who were also there for a break.

Check in was nice and swift, the staff were all pleasant and the park was really clean and well kept. It is one of the smaller parks we have visited and we were positioned at one end of the park with the entertainment complex being central. For 2 nights, we could hear a dull sound of music being played in the distance, it was not from Haven though & I could not work out of there was another site close by, however this did not disturb me or my children. We stayed in a Prestige 3 bedroom caravan, we usually pay the extra for a brand new caravan but did not on this occasion and the caravan was nice and clean, the d├ęcor was nice and the added en-suite to the main bedroom is a massive bonus. We also had parking at the side of our caravan which made unpacking/packing so much easier too. The caravan was well equipped and offered enough space for even us, a party of 8. I also liked that the windows had child locks on, this is not something I had noticed in other caravans we have stayed in before.  

On the park there is lots to do, we managed to go swimming, the children loved the slide and the ones that are not so confident in the water loved that they could stay in the shallow area. We normally miss out the crazy golf but decided to play, it cost £20 for all of us which I thought was a good price, we all enjoyed it with myself & my mother in law becoming rather competitive. Little lady cheated(slightly), little T loved his daddy teaching him, Big T was determined to get the ball in the hole, even if it took him 50 goes & the older girls just got on with it. I will try crazy golf again when we next return because it was fun for all of us(I will keep better score next time and beat the mother in law). 
Something we were I was excited about was hiring the karts again, we had done this at Primrose Valley and it was so much fun, granted my mother in law using the brake like she would a car brake(press button, release down) had me in stitches, also the fact that every hill had her yelling "hold on tight, hold on tight" also had me in fits of laughter all added to the fun. At Cala Gran the terrain is all flat so not many hills unless you count the speed bumps so it was not a thrill seeking ride, more of a casual ride around the park and this time it was little lady yelling "hold on tight" every time we approached a speed bump but it was fun and gave us all a little work out.
The entertainment was good, big T loves watching bands play so he was super excited when he saw that a band was playing one night, he rocked his little socks off all night. Another night a comedian was on, he was not to every ones taste but I and our party had a great night. We played rock and roll bingo every night but never won a sausage but it is the taking part that counts right?
The morning we were leaving we had a character breakfast, the food was all great and the characters Polly & Dj Ned came round to our table to meet the children and give them recipe cards to take home, afterwards we had a game of bowling before saying goodbye and heading off home.
I can honestly not fault this park, yes it is the smallest one we have been to but it still has lots to offer. It is a great location to visit Blackpool, I highly recommend a visit to the Blackpool Tower Circus, we had an amazing time and enjoyed it so much we can not wait to return. Whether you are staying on the park or wanting to visit the area I am sure you would find something great to do.

I would return again for a short break during the summer, next year we are heading back to Perran Sands for our annual Easter holiday, only 7 months to go.

I was not asked to write about our weekend break, I paid for the holiday and this is not a paid review

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