Monday, 23 September 2013

Fireman Sam Drive & Steer Jupiter

We were sent the Fireman Sam Drive & Steer Jupiter to review and put through its paces. Little T was excited as soon as he saw the box & little lady followed him in his excitement only she had no idea what she was excited about. I removed Jupiter and the wireless remote out of the box and discovered we had to put 8 AA batteries in to make the engine and the remote work(not supplied) Once the batteries were fitted(like a week later because I kept forgetting to buy some) play commenced. I handed the remote to little T and switched on both the remote and Jupiter. Little T soon got the hang of steering, you turn the wheel to the left & Jupiter will steer left, turn to the right and it will go right. On the wireless remote there are 5 buttons; forward, back, boost, start and a button that is Sam's catchphrase. 
On Jupiter, underneath you will find 3 buttons, off, on and mute. When you put it into the on position the theme tune to Fireman Sam will play & will stop once you press the start button on the remote which then will make the sound of the engine starting, then whilst driving the siren will sound out. 
If you want quieter play the good news is you can put Jupiter into mute and the only sound will be when you 1st press start and then move off, other than that you will just be able to hear the movement of Jupiter. Jupiters ladder is a movable part and can be moved up and down by hand, I think a figure would have been a great addition to this product.

Little T loved playing with it and as soon as he put it down little lady stole the remote and claimed it as her own(she hides it in her dolls pram when she is not playing with it). She is 27 months old and can easily use the remote, yes she occasionally crashes into the wall but that is part of the fun, especially if the cat joins in trying to stalk it or hide from it. 
Fireman Sam Drive and Steer Jupiter is suitable for children ages 18 months and over, it can be bought for £29.99 which I think is a fair price. I had worried about how many batteries I might go through but so far they are still going strong and it has be played with quite a lot. I would recommend this to family and friends, both my son and daughter have loved playing.

We were sent this product for the purpose of the review, all thoughts & opinions are my own & maybe some of my children's, oh and the cats, lets not forget him.

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