Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Baby & Toddler Show Manchester

Have you ever been to a Baby & Toddler show before? For any expectant parent the shows are like what a sweet shop is to a child. I don't even have a baby any more, she is a toddler but they are great for us to pick up great bargains.
I am super excited to be going to the Baby & Toddler show at Event City in Manchester. The show is on over the weekend from 27th-29th September & then the Baby and Toddler Show reopens its doors at Glow, Bluewater on the weekend of 11th-13th October.

Both shows will be packed with exhibitors that will have something on their stalls that you will find a bargain, I always go needing nothing but come home laden with bags.

The great news is you can save on tickets by using the discount codes below.

Save £10 – book 2 tickets for £20 by quoting BT12 at www.babyandtoddlershow.co.uk
Save £10 – book 2 tickets for £20 by quoting BT12 at www.babyshownorthwest.com

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