Monday, 2 September 2013

Asda School Uniform

It is that exciting yet slightly stressful time of the year again, new school year! The children, well my children are all excited to be going back to school, why I don't know but they are. I, like many mums and dads have left everything till last minute, why I do this to myself I don't know. I promise that next year I will start early but I never do. The good news is that Asda actually do have well stocked shelves so don't panic if you have still not bought the uniform yet.

Asda sent me a selection of their uniform to review, I will admit I do usually go to Asda for their uniforms, I find their sizes fit my brood the best, well except little T who is the most awkward size.

First up we have the girls school blouse & the black skirt . The blouse is a good quality & not see through which is what I wanted, prices start from £3 which is excellent value. The black school skirt my daughter loves, it is just what she wanted and prices start from £6 which is great value.  
The boys charcoal trousers  start from just £3.50 and are good quality, I can adjust the waist so he has no need for a belt and they are a good length for his age. The red polo shirts again are excellent value for money, they always wash well without losing any of the colour, prices start from just £2.50 for a 2 pack which is really good value for your money as they do wash really well.

M loves her ruffle front white polo shirt, she likes it because it is different from the plain polo shirt and feels soft, prices start from £3 so they are not much more than the plain polo shirts.
I love the grey pleated skirt, for under 10's the belt comes with a heart shaped buckle and for over 10's it has a rectangular buckle. The shape is great and looks really smart on. Prices start from £5.

Next up I have another pair of boys charcoal trousers, prices start from £3 & these are different to the last pair, they have half elasticated waist rather than the adjustable waist which is where we hit the problems with little T. He is small for his age so we have to buy the smaller size age 3-4 for his leg length but then we normally need to adjust the waist lots, sadly as these can not be adjusted they fall down on his little waist so if you too need adjustable waist I would go for the other pair of trousers above. The quality is great and would be perfect on a child that does not need the waist adjusting by quite a bit as the elasticated waist allows for some adjustment.
So that is the uniform sorted now for the packed lunches, we were sent a sistema slim quaddie lunch box in pink. For £5 it is good value and is big enough to fit in a healthy lunch for your child. It can hold 1.5l and has 1 large compartment, 1 medium compartments and 2 small. It also come with a clear water bottle that fits nicely into the medium compartment or can be carried separately.

I was sent all of the above products for the purpose of the review, all opinions are of my own.

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