Thursday, 15 August 2013

New babies & all the things they need

Waiting for a new arrival is an exciting time, you will have the whole future almost mapped out. You will wonder what he or she will look like, Daddies nose, Mummies lips, who knows but one thing I do know is you would have been writing lists. Lists that contain every possible product that you will need throughout the 1st year of your new babies life & lets face it, it is lots. Despite having five children I have never gotten over how many items are needed for one tiny, precious person. 

Bottle, nappies, cots, pushchairs, clothes, walkers, I know, the list is endless, then there is the wondering where to buy them from. K&  have a great range of baby products, they have a vast range of pushchairs to suit most families needs & budgets, not only that if you wish you can also spread the cost, options are available that make them interest free too. I was looking through their products in the catalogue and they have some cute baby walker designs. I love that most now come with toys to play with on the tray, going back 13 years ago to my eldest they were very plain and boring indeed, we had a car design on our son, he had a personalised number plate and would honk his horn at us all day. 

Car Seats, now car seats can be very confusing, especially with the new i-size regulations. I am please to see that K&Co stock traditional car seats & car seats that are isofix, I do love isofix, I love knowing that my car seat is fitted correctly each time. Again there is a wide range to choose from.
I used K&Co to order our bicycle and child seat from and found them to be very helpful and their customer service has always been excellent. 

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