Thursday, 15 August 2013

Knowsley Safari park with Jungle Dogs

Last week we were invited along to Knowsley Safari park to see the animals and taste test the yummy Jungle Dogs. Our day started out in the events room trying Jungle Dogs with a variety of other foods.

I enjoyed every single way that they made them up as did the children, although little lady completely refused to eat the peppers especially after her Nanna kept telling her they were sweets.

Each of the children were give a bag full of goodies, Grafix colouring books, crayons, puzzles and make your own keyrings. In the bag was a Jungle Dogs refillable bottle and keyring too which the kids love. 
We had the opportunity to plant some chilli seeds, now I know this is a strange one to plant but there is an interesting tale that goes with it. Farmers will plant chilli around their crops so when the elephants come in and taste the chilli they don't like the taste so move on to graze elsewhere thus saving the farmers lively hood. This is a much nicer way to deter elephant from destroying crops that scaring them, especially when they have calves with them. All the elephants want to do is eat and all the farmers want to do is make a living, they are both fighting for survival.

Towards the end we got chatting to the lovely Tina O'brien and her gorgeous little girl Scarlett. We watched as our children were given animal onsies & then watched whilst they bounced around the events room as cute cats, bouncing kangaroos and a croc. They did all look cute, even the big one. Time came to leave and we were handed a chill bag full of yummy Jungle Dogs & they all insisted on wearing their animal onsies whilst we drove around the safari.

We went round the safari twice, the 1st time we braved the monkeys, they killed our car. The 2nd time we sat safely on the other side of the fence laughing whilst the monkeys killed everyone else's cars, the 2nd was much more fun.
The lions were amazing, very active and they came up close which the children loved as did we. 

Both have kat/cat in their name, both have sharp teeth, both have claws, both observant.
which would win in a race?
I think the meerkat would win short distance because boy can they move when they think danger is about.

 The baboons, the naughty baboons! Enter at your own risk! Don't bother thinking they will not do anything to your car because they will, they love it. They almost laugh at you. I wish our car was not so new because they are hilarious, it was quite funny watching them pull off wing mirrors, rubber seals and windscreen wipers off other cars though.

The elephants are little T's favourite, he adores them. I could easily sit and watch them all day especially when you get to hear the low grumbles when they greet each other, it is a noise that will make you fall silent in an instant.

Lions are one of my favourites, their power alone is fascinating. I love how they greet each other and a mother lions protection of her young is immense. When a lion roars I get goose pimples, when they fight with each other I watch with my hands over my eyes and when they get fruity my mother in law yells "omg drive on, drive on, close your eyes kids, drive on" which of course makes you look & reduces me to tears of laughter. 

I adore animals and great food ideas so all in all we had a pretty amazing day.


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